Formula and personality

Learn about the characteristics, behaviors, and personality that define how we show up in the world.

The Adyen formula

Our foundation for everything we do. These 8 principles define our culture and influence our decisions.


We build to benefit all customers (not just one).

We make good choices to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth for our merchants.

We launch fast and iterate.


Winning is more important than ego; we work as a team - across cultures and time zones.

We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone.

We talk straight without being rude.


We include different people to sharpen our ideas.

We create our own path and won’t be slowed down by “stewards”.


Brand personality

Our personality sets us apart from the crowd and tells our audience what they can expect from Adyen.

Expert Creator

Two archetypes, one personality.

Creator 70%

  • Seeks: Innovation
  • Sees: Opportunities for improvement
  • Actions: Builds/improves
  • Provides: Solutions and systems that enable others

Sage 30%

  • Seeks: Understanding
  • Sees: The objective truth
  • Actions: Shares knowledge
  • Provides: Insights and information that empower others
In our own words:"The smartest solutions are rarely the most obvious. That’s what makes problem-solving fun."

I am a trusted partner to businesses everywhere. Trusted to understand their challenges, to solve complexity and keep them a step ahead. They trust me with arguably the most critical part of any business: their money.

I'm passionate about solving real-world problems and surround myself with smart, impact-driven people.

But theory is not enough. I build my own solutions, balancing imagination with pragmatism and putting my customers at the centre of everything.

Brand characteristics

A series of attributes that capture the energy behind the Adyen brand and how our audience sees us.

We are

We’re self-assured leaders in our field.

We are smart and willing to share our ideas.

We’re human, open, and invite others to join us.

We focus on the challenge and solution, not ego.

We see opportunity in challenges, it motivates us.

We avoid fear-based decision making by creating an enjoyable environment with like-minded people.

We make good choices, for our people, business, and planet.

We build the best, most practical solution for the many in the long-term.

We are not

NOT arrogant
We’re don’t see ourselves as superior.

NOT condescending
We don’t look down on those who know less.

NOT overfamiliar
We maintain a professional approach. Always.

NOT fame-driven
We win together, and do not chase the spotlight.

NOT naive
We’ don’t ignore or hide problems.

NOT reckless
We’re not wasteful or inappropriate, and maintain high standards of integrity.

NOT altruistic
We’re not trying to save the world, and we don’t preach our ideals.

NOT overcomplicated
We do not build for ourselves, never over-engineering or overcomplicating.