Our brand often appears alongside external brands, like merchants and partners. Also within the Adyen brand, there are sub-brands for recurring events or projects. These guidelines help ensure consistency and avoid errors when designing with multiple brands.

Merchants & Partners

All logos should always appear to be the same size. Position the Adyen logo at bottom-left and merchant or partner at bottom-right. To avoid color clashing, the external logo is always white or Adyen black (unless the corporate identity of the partner states otherwise.) A merchant logo can also appear on the top-right, to symbolize a progressive relationship.


Logos for Adyen sub-brands

We have sub-brands for our events to help build awareness of the Adyen brand. We do not use logo lock-ups – such as stacking, in one line together, or pairing the Adyen logo with an event name on the same surface. Instead, we use both logos in standalone pieces on different surfaces or materials, sometimes by layering them together or by using sub-brands as an accessory. The correct ratio is using Adyen logo as primary and the sub-brand as secondary.


Adyen with sub-brand


A few ground rules

We only create new sub-brands for large recuring events or projects that will be used repeatedly, and require their own identity. Be mindful about the purpose of creating a sub-brand; for smaller one-off events, it is not necessary.

  Recurring and expanding event.

  A one-time event is not a good reason to create a sub brand.

Creating a sub-brand

If we have a clear purpose for creating a sub brand: we stick to the brand guidelines, try to be as creative as possible, but also stay close to the brand. Exceptions can be made but only with clear confirmation by the studio.


Recent examples of Adyen co-branding with Now + Next, Tech Event, Elevate, Payments Decoded. Also examples of events without logos, instead using type and graphics creatively, like Sales Event and Accelerate.